Planet Finance working with Terraform Capital

Planet Finance is working with Terraform Capital

We’re excited to announce that Planet Finance has been working with Terraform Capital in a number of areas.

Terraform Capital paid for Planet Finance’s initial audit with Halborn.

Our community’s aim is for Planet Finance to be the go-to place for UST (TerraUSD) on Binance Smart Chain. We believe that UST is extremely important for crypto as it’s the largest truly decentralized stablecoin.

UST On Blue Planet

We currently have the UST-USDC liquidity pool directly in Planet Finance’s AMM. This enables anyone to swap UST with any of the other cryptocurrencies in the AMM.

Planet Finance aggregates BUSD-UST from PancakeSwap.

Once Green Planet is live, we will enable a single asset vault with UST directly on Blue Planet.

UST On Green Planet

On Green Planet we plan to use UST (TerraUSD) in a number of areas.

  • Supply UST to earn UST & GAMMA.
  • Use UST as collateral to borrow crypto against it.
  • Borrow UST to utilize in your unique strategies.

Going forward we aim to continue to expand our support for UST & explore more areas of collaboration with Terraform Capital.




Decentralize the planet’s finances. Governed by AQUA, powered by GAMMA.

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Decentralize the planet’s finances. Governed by AQUA, powered by GAMMA.

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