Development Update #1

December 13th, 2021 — With distributed communities it can be a challenge to see all of the work that goes into improving the protocol.

The aim going forward is to provide a summary every two weeks, of the prior two weeks development progress. This will help to keep the entire community engaged in the evolution of Planet Finance.


Since the launch of Green Planet the development focus was primarily on launching new vaults, launching liquidity pools in Planet Finance’s DEX and bug fixes.


  • Added AQUA burn APY in the AQUA vault details
  • New home page design for mobile & web in Blue, Red, and Uranus
  • Improved Swap UI to make it easier to swap (selecting an asset in the other field once it’s already selected in the other to switch positions)

Blue Planet Vaults & LP’s

  • AQUA (Supplies to Green Planet)
  • GAMMA (Supplies to Green Planet)
  • USDC (Supplies to Green Planet)
  • USDT (Supplies to Green Planet)
  • BUSD (Supplies to Green Planet)
  • UST (Supplies to Green Planet)
  • DAI (Supplies to Green Planet)

Red Planet Vaults & LP’s

  • AQUA (Supplies to Green Planet)
  • GAMMA (Supplies to Green Planet)
  • BNB (Supplies to Green Planet)
  • BTC (Supplies to Green Planet)
  • ETH (Supplies to Green Planet)
  • ETH-Cake

Uranus LP’s

  • AQUA-GAMMA (GAMMA-BNB to launch on Uranus this week)

Green Planet

  • Stopped borrowing of AQUA & GAMMA on Green planet so that one cannot short AQUA & GAMMA

Integrated Trade Fees APY Into Liquidity Pools Displayed APY

Everyone has been earning more APY than what was displayed on the the app because trade fees earned for providing liquidity weren’t being added into the displayed APY. This was updated so now LP’s include trade fees!

See Trade Analytics:

Bug Fixes

  • Relaunched the voting system to include the new markets and underlying smart contract changes
  • Corrected APYs and APRs for vaults on Blue, Red, and Uranus
  • Fixed issues effecting collecting GAMMA rewards
  • Enabled withdrawing and repaying from old AQUA and GAMMA markets on the green planet
  • Fix numbers entered as strings issue happening in some fields
  • 24hr APR’s on the supply side
  • 24hr APR’s on the borrow side
  • Correct display APYs on Green Planet
  • Correct Net APY calculation on Green Planet
  • Corrected the holdings displayed on Blue, Red, and Uranus
  • Corrected GAMMA balance to include everything on Green Planet
  • Remove Liquidity 99 vs. 100% bug (that showed approve at 100%)
  • Update Blue Planet’s launch icon for web and Safepal
  • Correct number of supplied tokens under on markets in Green Planet


  • Integrated with Defi Llama to show our TVL
  • GAMMA got listed on Coingecko
  • Planet Finance’s DEX data got listed on Coingecko




Decentralize the planet’s finances. Governed by AQUA, powered by GAMMA.

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Decentralize the planet’s finances. Governed by AQUA, powered by GAMMA.

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