Development Focus #1

December 16th, 2021 — In addition to releasing the Development update articles looking back on what was accomplished, the aim is to consistently release “Development Focus” articles so that the entire community can stay up to date with what’s currently being developed for Planet Finance.

These releases will give a high-level overview of what’s currently in development for the next few weeks ahead!

What’s The Development Focus For The Next Few Weeks

  • Improve the loading experience of the app
  • Setup improved Infrastructure to host the app so that users always have access to the app even when Binance RPC is unreliable
  • Post proposal for Infinity Vaults
  • Aggregated Vaults
  • Launch LUNA-UST liquidity pool
  • Launch new markets on Green Planet
  • Bug Fixes & more

Launch New Aggregated Vaults

  • CAKE

Launch New Liquidity Pools On Red Planet


Potential New Markets To Launch On Green Planet

  • ADA
  • CAKE
  • TUSD
  • DOGE
  • LTC
  • XRP
  • LINK
  • DOT
  • UNI

Feature Improvements On Green Planet

  • Improve Green Planet UI to highlight discount levels and GAMMA utility
  • Improve Liquidation Page
  • Release Metrics Page
  • Improve Markets Page

Bug Fixes

  • Clicking on MAX issues
  • Get rid of the need to Approve more then once


  • Listing on CoinMarketCap (Planet Finance’s DEX)
  • Listing on 1inch
  • Defistation


  • We welcomed three new developers to the foundation and are quickly ramping up developers contributing to the foundation (any referrals from the community is much appreciated).




Decentralize the planet’s finances. Governed by AQUA, powered by GAMMA.

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Decentralize the planet’s finances. Governed by AQUA, powered by GAMMA.

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